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Bubble tea equipment refers to the tools and machinery used in the preparation and serving of bubble tea. Here are some common bubble tea equipment:

  1. Cup Sealing Machine: A sealing machine is used to tightly seal the cup containing the bubble tea, ensuring it is secure and spill-proof. It applies heat to a plastic film or sealing lid, creating an airtight seal.
  2. Shaker Machine: A shaker machine is used to vigorously mix the ingredients of the bubble tea, creating a frothy and well-blended beverage. It is particularly important when making milk teas or drinks with added flavors.
  3. Tea Brewer: A tea brewer or tea brewing equipment is used to steep and brew tea leaves. It can be a simple infuser or a more advanced machine with precise temperature and time controls.
  4. Blender: A blender is used to mix and blend ingredients, especially when making fruit-based or blended bubble tea. It helps create a smooth and consistent texture.
  5. Strainer: A strainer is used to remove any tea leaves or large particles from the brewed tea, ensuring a smooth and debris-free beverage.
  6. Fructose Dispenser: By using a fructose dispenser, bubble tea establishments can accurately add the desired amount of fructose syrup to their drinks, ensuring consistency and precise sweetness levels for their customers.
  7. Ice Machine: An ice machine is used to produce ice cubes or crushed ice, which are commonly added to bubble tea to chill the drink and provide a refreshing element.
These are some of the essential equipment used in the bubble tea industry, enabling efficient and consistent preparation of bubble tea beverages.