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A bubble tea cup lid is a specific type of lid designed to cover and seal bubble tea cups. These lids are specially crafted to accommodate the unique characteristics of bubble tea, including the larger straw size and the need to prevent spills while enjoying the drink and its toppings. Bubble tea cup lids come in different materials, styles, and features to suit various preferences and requirements.

  1. Bubble tea dome lid: A bubble tea dome lid is a type of lid specifically designed for bubble tea cups. It is called a ""dome lid"" because of its shape, which is raised and rounded like a dome. Bubble tea dome lids have a higher, dome-shaped top that allows extra space for the toppings, such as tapioca pearls, jelly, or popping boba. The dome shape provides room for the toppings to sit on top of the drink without being squished or compressed by the lid. This design feature allows customers to enjoy both the beverage and the accompanying toppings simultaneously.
  2. Bubble tea flat lid: Bubble tea flat lids have a flat top surface that covers the opening of the cup. The lid is designed to fit securely onto the cup, providing a tight seal to prevent spills and leaks.
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