Aurora Sparkling Drink

Have you curious about “how to make beautiful and layered drink in bubble tea shop” In order to attract customers come to bubble tea shop. We are going to teach you how to make a caffeine-free and stunning layered sparkling drink. Let’s learn how to use natural, healthy ingredients, which called dream aurora powder, is made by Taiwan purple sweet potato. Stable product and easy to make your stunning drink come true.

✔ Ingredients:

- 15g Boba Empire Dream Aurora Powder
- 200cc Water
- 50cc Mango Syrup
- 20cc Fructose
- 250cc Sprite
- Ice cubes


1. Mix 50 cc mango syrup and 100cc water to stir well
2. Put 200cc water and aurora powder 15g, stir it well until the color turns to dark blue.
3. Pour mango juice and ice cubes to 80% full into a tall glass.
4. Pour Sprite 250cc slowly to be the 2nd layer of the drink.
5. Finally, slowly pour aurora water into glass. To make drink be 3-layer sparkling drink.


Remember to pour aurora water slowly, and along with the ice cube, so that you can get more stable and beautiful layers.


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