Product Name : Taro Powder
Product Description

The Amazing and Colorfully Purple Drink

Easy premixed taro powder to create a delicious and pretty drink

Bubble has more bubble tea varieties and flavors

Not only for milk tea also for smoothies, frozen yogurt, and other dessert recipes

1kg/bag, 20 bags /ctn

Product Introduction

What is Taro Powder?

Taro powder is a cereal powder. It features a high aroma, good dissolving quality, full nutrition, and good taste. Taro powder can be used in a wide range of food products.


Empire Eagle - The Taro Powder Supplier in Taiwan


As the professional milk tea shop materials supplier, Empire Eagle provides various flavors of milk tea powder to meet customers' demands. The beautiful and tasty flavor powder - Taro Powder is with the eye-catching purple hues or the uniquely sweet and nutty flavor, but the taro has become one of the most popular ingredients to drinks. Taro powder is not only can be used for bubble tea and milk teas but also for smoothies, frozen yogurt, and other dessert recipes.


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