The world's only World Gold Medal Boba Tea Entrepreneurship Coaching Course
Do you know that bubble tea originatedinTaichung, Taiwan?
Only the bubble tea courses and recipes learned in the birthplace are the most authentic!

BOBA EMPIRE, which specializes in the global market, decided to use its 21 years of experience in the global market to create two online business counseling courses (virtual course and video course) to help entrepreneurs all over the world who want to create their own brands. BOBA EMPIRE online courses were born out of the pandemic, especially to meet the needs of customers who do not have enough time, cannot travel abroad, and want to take a course to learn about the industry before deciding whether to officially enter the industry. Since its establishment in 2020, it has successfully guided more than 20 countries in the world. The A-Z teaching content allows start-ups to learn and get started quickly. With just 12 hours, the instructor's enthusiastic and meticulous step-by-step teaching allows learners to quickly learn menu recipes and accurately grasp market trends under limited resource conditions.

Virtual Course
USD 1999 / GROUP
(up to 3 people)
Video Course
USD 1499 / GROUP
(unlimited people and video views)
Target audience
If you want to create your own brand. If you are still thinking about whether to enter the industry. If you want to earn more income or have a side job. If you do not have time to come to Taiwan for a class, such an online course is very suitable for you.
Teaching method
Course content
The course content is diverse! Different market instructors will give you different creativity and inspiration!
After-class tutoring
Virtual Course
After class, the instructor will communicate with the student group, and any questions can be asked to the instructor online.
Video Course
After class, there is a two-hour video conference, which can be used to ask the instructor questions about the problems encountered in video learning, as well as market analysis.
Raw material shopping voucher feedback
Within one year after the course, if you purchase raw materials from BOBA EMPIRE, you will have a USD 500 (Virtual course) or USD 300 (Video course) discount.
Lesson 1
Branding and Global Market Analysis
Lesson 2
Shop SOP (Standard Operation Process)
Lesson 3
Shop Equipped
Lesson 4
How to Design a Competitive Menu?
Lesson 5
How to Cook Well and Chew Tapioca Boba?
Lesson 6
How to Brew Tea? How to Control Tea Quality Stably ?
Lesson 7
How to Make a Cup of Blend Tea? How to Make the Different Level of Sweetness and Ice?
Lesson 8
How to Make the Best Bubble Tea? How to Make Jelly Milk Tea? Or Other Milk Tea?
Lesson 9
How to Make Fruit Tea? Is There Any Different Recipes?
Lesson 10
How to Make Walling Drinks? Walling Tea or Walling Milk Tea? Which One Is Better to the Market?
Lesson 11
How to Make Soft and Smooth Grass Jelly, Egg Pudding Jelly, Lemon Ai-Yu Jelly, Tea Jelly?
Lesson 12
How to Make Aurora Color-changing Drinks? Is Butterfly Pea safe to Drink?
Lesson 13
How to Make Topping Creamer Milk Tea? How to Design Topping Creamer Menu?
Lesson 14
How to Make Slush / Smoothie? How to Make Various Slush / Smoothie?
What is the difference between online and in-person classes?
Although the beverage teaching content is almost the same, the biggest difference between the two is that in-person classes allow you to ask questions and get answers immediately. You also have more time to discuss the market, your competitors, and to experiment with unlimited ingredients to develop menu recipes that create the most competitive drinks.
Is the curriculum fixed?
Different markets have different taste needs. Experienced instructors will give you different opinions based on your market needs and guide you to brainstorm different creative drinks and menus.
Is the course in English?
The instructor is fluent in Chinese and English, and the course can be communicated in both languages without barriers.
After the class, if you have any other questions, can you get help from the teaching center?
After the online live class, the instructor will continue to communicate with you through various communication software apps (WHATSAPP, LINE, WECHAT, etc.). After the video class, the instructor will provide 2 hours of free consultation. The entrepreneurial journey is very long, and the entire BOBA EMPIRE team will accompany you and assist you along the way.
Is the instructor experienced?
Mindy is also the marketing director of BOBA EMPIRE. She was a university lecturer and has well experienced teaching skills. She has a great passion for the bubble tea industry and often uses her travel time to visit the first-hand market news around the world. She hopes to bring the most down-to-earth market information back to the course and share it with her classmates.
Instructor Profile
Mindy, Marketing Director / Teaching Instructor
  • University Lecturer
  • Global sales and marketing supervisor
  • American AIT Women's Entrepreneurship Mentor
  • Third place winner of the Women's Entrepreneurship Elite Competition of the Ministry of Economic Affairs of Taiwan
  • Invited to be interviewed by industry magazines in the United States and India
  • Awarded the American Stevie Award Women Business 2019, 2020, 2021, 2022 Silver Winner