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Bubble tea kitchen tools and utensils are essential equipment used in the preparation and serving of bubble tea. These tools help facilitate the various steps involved in making bubble tea, ensuring efficiency and consistency in the process. Here are some common bubble tea kitchen tools and utensils:

  1. Shaker Cups: Shaker cups are specially designed cups with a tight-fitting lid and a built-in strainer. They are used for mixing bubble tea ingredients, allowing for a thorough blend of the tea, flavorings, sweeteners, and ice. The lid prevents spills during the shaking process.
  2. Tea Infusers or Strainers: Tea infusers or strainers are used to brew loose tea leaves or tea bags. They help extract the flavors from the tea effectively. Infusers can be placed directly in a cup or a teapot, allowing the tea to steep before further preparation.
  3. Measuring Spoons: Measuring spoons are essential for accurately measuring the desired amount of tea leaves, powders, or sweeteners. They ensure consistency in flavor and ratios when making bubble tea.
  4. Tapioca Pearl Scoops: Tapioca pearl scoops are small utensils designed specifically for scooping and portioning tapioca pearls. These scoops come in various sizes to accommodate different serving sizes of tapioca pearls.
  5. Bubble Tea Pitchers: Bubble tea pitchers are large containers used for mixing and pouring bubble tea in larger quantities. They are often made of food-grade plastic or glass and have a spout for easy pouring.
  6. Thermometers: Thermometers are useful for monitoring the water temperature when brewing tea or preparing syrups. They ensure that the ingredients are heated or steeped at the appropriate temperature to achieve optimal flavor.
  7. Bubble tea barrel: A bubble tea barrel refers to a container or vessel used for storing and dispensing bubble tea ingredients.

These are just some of the essential bubble tea kitchen tools and utensils. Depending on the complexity of your bubble tea recipes and the specific requirements of your bubble tea shop or establishment, you may require additional equipment, please feel free to contact us for more products details.