Professional Bubble Tea OEM, Helping You Build a Unique Brand

Years of OEM / OBM Experience, Guaranteed Quality

As a professional bubble tea manufacture, BOBA EMPIRE has accumulated a wealth of experience in OEM with excellent quality. We are well versed in the essence of bubble tea, and we are committed to providing drinks with rich taste and unique flavor, which injects quality assurance into your brand.

Professional R&D Team, Leading the Trend of Innovation

With slef-owned professional R&D team, BOBA EMPIRE not only understands market demand, but also strives to lead the trend of innovation. We work with you to develop bubble tea products that meet the trend of the market, which wins the market competitive advantage for your brand.

One-Stop OEM/OBM Service, Meeting the Needs of All Types of Merchants

Whether you are an import wholesaler or a retail distributor, if you plan to create your own brand and are looking for a reliable OEM factory, BOBA EMPIRE provides you with the most complete one-stop OEM service. Our factory will meet the needs of all types of merchants, ensuring that every cup of bubble tea is a perfect combination of taste and quality.

Customized Brand, Making Your Dream Come True

BOBA EMPIRE is committed to tailoring a unique brand for you to make your dream come true. No matter what your market positioning or style requirements are, we can provide customized OEM solutions to help you stand out in the bubble tea market.

Partner with BOBA EMPIRE, Create a New Peak for Your Bubble Tea Business

Choosing BOBA EMPIRE is not only choosing the representative of quality, but also opening the door to the success of the bubble tea business. We look forward to working with you to create delicious bubble tea together and win the trust and praise of the market. Partner with BOBA EMPIRE to create a new peak for your bubble tea business.

OEM / ODM Service Process:
  • Inquiry: The customer sends an email or calls to inquire about the OEM service.
  • Sample Testing: The manufacturer provides samples for the customer to test.
  • Quotation: The manufacturer provides a quotation based on the customer's requirements.
  • Order Confirmation/Payment: The customer confirms the order and makes payment.
  • Factory Production: The manufacturer starts production according to the customer's order.
  • Shipment: The manufacturer ships the finished products to the customer.