One-Stop Solution for Bubble Tea Shop Opening: Professional Customized Equipment Consultation, Helping You Start Your Business Smoothly
  • Create a Unique Bubble Tea Shop

    Do you dream of opening your own bubble tea shop? We are your best partner! We provide professional customized equipment consultation services. From fructose dispensers, sealing machines, 3 in 1 blender, tea brewing machines, topping creamer blender to various kitchen utensils, we can provide the most suitable equipment selection according to your needs and budget, helping you create a bubble tea shop with its own unique style.

  • Customized Equipment to Meet the Needs of Shop Owners

    Different bubble tea shops have different needs. We know that everything starts with the right equipment. Whether you focus on handcrafted production, emphasize speed and efficiency, or pursue innovative flavors, we can provide customized suggestions to ensure that you have the most suitable equipment configuration.

  • Comprehensive Support for Opening a Shop

    Opening a shop requires careful planning of every detail. We not only provide customized equipment consultation, but also provide comprehensive opening support, including work flow optimization, location selection advice, and shop decoration design.

  • Service Quality that Exceeds Expectations

    We aim to provide professional opening advice with service quality that exceeds expectations. Whether you are a first-time entrepreneur or expanding your buisness scale, we can provide the most suitable solutions.

  • Realize Your Dreams with Us

    Contact us now to plan your bubble tea shop opening plan together. Let our professional team help you achieve your dreams and become the leader in the bubble tea market.