The popular bubble tea is one of the world-famous drinks. According to statistics, about 2 billion cups of bubble tea are consumed in the world each year, which can be piled up like a Himalaya. And do you know the origin of this world-famous bubble tea? Let's uncover the mystery of bubble tea!


Bubble tea, also known as Boba milk tea or bubble mike tea. It originated in the 1980s. Rumor has it that black tea was popular in Taiwan at that time. Various tea shops began to start their business of major cities in Taiwan, tea shops becoming a popular place for office workers and students. To develop more flavors, the tea shop owner added bubble(tapioca pearls) into black tea, green tea, and even milk tea, which is what we call boba or tapioca pearls, and appeared on the tea shop menus, becoming a popular beverage in Taiwan.


Such "distinctive tastes" have become a big hit from the people of Taiwan, and also has become one of Taiwan's representative drinks. In recent years, bubble tea has spread from Taiwan to Northeast Asia, Southeast Asia, and even all over the world. The novelty and interesting, the taste of bubble tea is changing the food culture and consumption habits of foreigners, and become a local exotic culture; besides, it also increases opportunities for Taiwanese to communicate with other countries in the world. Bubble tea has become the glory of Taiwan.