How to Make Brown Sugar Milk Tea with Boba?

Summer is coming, people who cannot stand queuing in front of the tea shop under the sun patiently just for a cup of brown sugar milk tea with boba. To avoid this kind of situation, we actually can do it by ourselves, just follow our recipe and you can enjoy it at home!

✔ Ingredients:

- 100g Boba Empire tapioca
- 40cc Boba Empire brown sugar syrup
- Ice cubes
- Whole Milk


1. Put some cooked tapioca into a glass.
2. Coating the inner glass with 40cc of brown sugar syrup.
3. Add 80% of ice cubes, whole milk to full.
Can’t wait to taste a cup of brown sugar boba milk tea!!!


Put brown sugar syrup slowly, can make syrup coating on the cup easier and more layers!