How to Make Grass Jelly Milk Tea?

What is grass jelly milk tea?

The name "Xiancao" is an herb plant, it can not only be a common ingredient for food but also use for medical. We usually use its stems and leaves to make juice. There are variety desserts and dishes can be made by its juice such as hot grass tea, grass jelly, and hot grass jelly.
Therefore, people try to put grass jelly in bubble tea menu. To attracted people who love bubble tea and also QQ texture things.
Let’s learn how to make a cup of “QQ” grass jelly milk tea!

✔ Ingredients:

- 240g Boba Empire Grass Jelly
- 150cc Boba Empire hot black tea
- 35g Boba Empire Non-Dairy Creamer
- 20 cc Fructose
- Ice cubes


1. Put grass jelly into a glass.
2. Add hot black tea, non-dairy creamer and fructose into shaker; stir it until the powder dissolved.
3. Put ice cubes into shaker and shake it well.
4. Pour milk tea into a glass with grass jelly.
A cup of chewy grass jelly milk tea is ready to enjoy.