How to Make a Cup of Taro Bubble Milk Tea Like a Bubble Tea Shop ?

What is taro bubble milk tea?

Taro milk tea is very recognizable beverage in Asia. It is an old-school style beverage which has great smell and creamy taste. It is notable for the color, and swept throughout Asia and the West recently.

For those who crave for this but don't have local shops selling it, let's make it at home! The process is quite simple if you have the ingredients in hands.

✔ Ingredients:

- 100g Boba Empire tapioca
- 50g Boba Empire taro powder
- 25g Boba Empire non-dairy creamer
- 200cc Hot water
- 15 cc Fructose
- Ice cubes


1. Put taro powder, non-dairy creamer, and hot water into shaker, stir it until powder dissolved.
2. Add fructose and ice cubes into shaker to 60% full and shake it well.
3. Put cooked tapioca and taro milk tea into a glass.
A cup of Taro bubble milk tea is ready to serve.