How to Make Creamy Cheese Tea?

What is cheese tea?

Cheese tea is named for the cold black or green tea topped with cream cheese foam and also salt or matcha powder which makes it taste sweet and salty. Besides, cheese tea is firmly entrenched in the mainstream of bubble tea market. If you don’t know what cheese tea is, let’s come and see how it happens!

✔ Ingredients:

- 250cc Boba Empire black tea
- 50g Boba Empire topping creamer powder
- 200cc Fresh milk
- 40cc Fructose


1. Put topping creamer powder and milk into blender for1 min.
2. Mix black tea, fructose and ice cubes into glass.
3. Gently top the tea with the amount of creamer.
4. Ok! Drink and enjoy it!


In order to make the topping creamer richer, you can sprinkle a little rose salt or matcha powder to make it colorful!